The "Mystery" Of  "9mm QUAD", Revealed!

Since the Book (And Film), "The Dogs of War" by Frederick Forsyth, there have been numerous (False) explanations as to what the term, "9MM Quad", referred to.
Most of the persons attempting to explain this term were merely giving their best guess. Some were trying to say it meant a reference to 4 slot Magazine
holders and others, a rifled projectile with 4 parts, (Which for the 9mm Parabellum never existed until the recent invention of R.I.P ammo by G2)).  Still others believed that the term was pure fiction, conjured up with literary license to spice up the book and later the film. None of the aforementioned explanations or assumptions are correct.

The term, "9mm Quad" go's back to the development of a special 9mm Load by Speer ammunition Co. called the, "9mm +P Gold Dot JHP (Jacketed Hollow
Point) 124 Gr". Which has a muzzle velocity of 400 Meters per second (1,300 Ft/s). 

It received its Nickname "9mm Quad", from its Major Parameter: (9mm @ 400 m/s).

The +P+ designation is not currently used by  SAAMI, but is used by some manufacturers to designate loads that exceed the +P SAAMI specification. One source lists the 9 × 19 mm +P+ loading as having a pressure of 42,000 psi, an 18% increase over the standard pressure of 35,000 psi.

The use of +P or +P+ ammunition accelerates wear and reduces the service life on the component parts on nearly any semi automatic pistol (exceptions being the P08  or as it is often called, The "Luger"), However, when used in modern submachineguns such as the MP-40 (Schmisser) or the UZI, it's negative effects are minimal being that these weapons were made to use munitions (Mostly of European or Middle eastern variety) of higher pressure to begin with.

This load was instantly successful among the Presidents own Secret Service, Air Marshals, Border patrol and special Military Units the world over. This load was particularly sought after because it caused the most terrifying kind of wound ever seen in a medium pistol caliber. Called "Hydro-static Shock", it caused remote hemorrhage effects in Human sized targets and would disable a Human, cause almost instant paralysis even if struck in a remote, previously non-lethal location. In circumstances where it is absolutely essential that every shot count, that everyone who is hit drops, the 9mm Quad is the only ammo to use. "9mm Quad" is completely unforgiving and universally indiscriminate. It is the perfect ammunition for Executive protection units or Commandos seeking to take no prisoners. As for the "9mm Quad" being the ammo of choice for "the Dogs of War, what other Ammo could measure up to their requirements? A small force, against superior numbers, with no backup, with no re-supply,  would need for every shot to count.

Supplies of this ammunition have always been scarce and never cheap or even reasonable, (Even to this day). In the Book (and later the movie) the Mercs are seen to have to pay an unreasonable amount for the, "9mm Quad", however at that time it was actually the going rate world wide. The additional "Fees", export tax, end user license or Permit is all standard when shipping between countries. Such licenses must be in order before the harbor-master will let you sail. Most of these licenses are real but occasionally with bogus parameters, that is: The end user is not the real end user....and that takes a little extra cash (and sometimes a lot of extra cash).

The mercenaries of the time were well aware of "9mm quad" but the majority of shooters world wide were not, (and still are not). It was not part of the normal shooting world lexicon. Such terminology never trickled down to even the most active shooters and only a few, such as Maj. George Nonte or Bill Jordan, (just to name a few) would have knowledge of the term. This can be compared to the terms used by car salesmen. There are car lots all around us. We have all bought cars and have driven them but do we know what "The Box" is? "F+I"?  "Baby Seal"? "Mop and Glow"? "Dehorse"? etc?  and with regard to this, the world of elite Mercenaries and others at the top of the death merchant food chain have their own lingo, as well.

I know about "9mm Quad" because back in the Day I was asked to supply some 9mm AP rounds to test a "New Vest" made out of a "New" space age material called, "Kevlar". I reached in to my treasure trove of 3rd Reich booty and found a small supply of special perpose 9mm Submachinegun rounds that were issued to Col. Otto Skorzeny's Commandos. Before the test began, I asked the tester, "Those holes in the vest marked "9mm Quad"...what does that mean?" and he answered, "LOL, 9mm Quad is the most kick ass ammo on the planet but not kick ass enough for this vest...look...only made it through one layer!" I asked for one of the cartridges and he gave me one (Which I still have in my collection), and indeed it was the aforementioned Speer +P Gold Dot 124 Gr JHP. This was way before the Book or movie, "The Dogs of war". (And yes, my Nazi Era AP rounds made a Swiss cheese out of that vest).

"9mm Quad" is currently available to the normal commercial market and can be purchased by individuals over the conter or by mail order.

So there you have it. The "9mm Quad" mystery solved. But hold on....don't you want to know where to get some? Why, From this supplier and as long as its not leaving the country, no end user License required. (Back-order only, Still to this day, over $1.00 per round!).

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