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Fool-Fone (Thats Right, Fool Fone, Sucka): Because Textin that Fool Should Be Free!!!

Always Free Text Messaging From Fool-Fone !

Fool-Fone offers free text messaging, with replies, so easy any FOOL can do it! Send free text messages to all any Fool that has Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Cingular, Bell Canada, Metro PCS, Sprint, Nextel, Airtel, Alltel, T Mobile, Suncom, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and even an OBAMA Phone!. Use our site to send funny-ass text messages, text message jokes, text message flirts, or anonymous text messages to yo' Gangsta Frens and come back again an again like a relative that thinks we got deep-ass Pockets for all your free text messagin Bullsht.

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