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The Baddest-Ass Jamm Session of all time. Listen and wonder about the days when it wasnt a crime to be your self. Mistakenly labeled by the presenter, "Power to Love" this song is "Power of Soul" (From the album "Band of Gypsys", By Jimi Hendrix and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Direct Link: // (NOTE: At this present time, UNAVALABLE PLEASE ACCEPT THIS: "Jimi Hendrix at the Miami Pop Festival, 1968", OFFERING IN THE MEANTIME....)

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 OXOjamm Jamm Music is the only remaining Jamm Method Studio in the United States. Offering Free Music to all.  In the tradition of Bruce Lee and the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Pink Floyd,
The Wall.
We promote freedom to be your self...... You see, It's a Matter of Uncommon Wealth.. Now, Paris Hilton exclaimed, "What? Me worry, I still got Health ?" Don't you know? ...It's time to start the SHOW! (Sept.12th)
Madonna blurted, "Huh, I didn't vote for that pretender?", and Obama Said "Nope, wazzn't me neither but I got sworn in Jock-tember!". 
So, hay home boy, give me a Jigger, Who that Girl? Stop that Faux-winner! Cause: it's all about Sex in the city or, "Mammy didn't Raise No Faux-D I G G E R!"
Now, Nostradamus, the Da-Vinci Code and  the CIA didn't have a clue? The Pope spied that the Sistine Chapel floor wuz embellished too!. Polzi and Yakuzi slugging it out on TV, at 11! No room for 007 (or a sour kraut Hot Dawg with Mustard or relish!) on that white diesel train to Heaven!  
So, Now Hut up Snowflake and  stand by for today's top Hits (and get this): "Whether or not you snooze (ZZZ) or Looze (XXX) There is got to be a Girl with a bigger fritz who knows how to increase your search engine dues ". Every inch......, I'm Am,  OXOjamm, Vince-n-The CREW.
                                                              Fear This!

Saddam Hussein
(Circle I Limbo) looking Endlessly for a Decent Chocolate Covered Scorpion and Can only find Jack Shit on a Styx

(Circle II) Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind with your Testicles staked to the ground with Music by Green Day playing endlessly over loudspeakers

Osama bin Laden
(Circle III) Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow Plus forced to watch Seseme Street continually

(Circle IV) Rolling Weights Crush your balls over and over again. If you are Female the stench of decomposing Testicle Mulch is punishment enough.

(Circle V) Stuck in Sewage from San Quintin, Mangled and forced to drink weak cool aid.

(Up River Styx without a Paddle) Also Known as Shit Creek, it has recently been renamed as the river of lost condoms

(Circle VI) Buried for Eternity upside down in Donkey Shit with Demons slapping your Ass with the Paddle you should have had at the River Styx.

(River Phlegyas) This is the River of Phlegm and Greenie Lungers.

(Circle VII) Burning Sands at Jones Beach Brooklyn. Everyone Knows you and everyone hates you and you are are stuck with Michelle (_Who_also_Hates_you_).

Hillery Clinton
(Circle IIX) Immersed in Bloody Dysentery and stuck with Janet Reno

Bill Clinton
Circle IX Frozen in Sewage Ice and forced to listen to his own Lies for eternity

Design your own hell

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